Properties of Singapore

Yes ! The Title – Properties of Singapore and not Properties in Singapore.

We like to use the former, it represents the heartware (software legacy of our country).  Policies affecting the use and ownership of properties in Singapore. Immigration, tourism and foreigners working in Singapore and so forth.

And why invest in real estate properties instead of stocks, bonds or REITS?

Real estate is an investment where you can physically show up, inspect your property, run a background check on the tenants, make sure that the building is actually there before you buy it, do repairs yourself and at the same time gives passive rental income and capital appreciation.

It is something tangible. You can look at it, feel it, drive by with your friends, point out the window, and say, “I own that”. Using leverage (mortgage loans) in real estate can be structured far more safely than using debt to buy stocks by trading on margin.

In theory, anyone who has a sufficiently long investment horizon will certainly expect to make money from the real estate market.

But if you account the cost of ownership had they bought another property instead. They would have reaped the same profit in a much shorter time.

I believe there are plenty of opportunities available.

Regulatory Differences

Generally when we want to get information about the properties we want, they would come under the following types of properties :

A very important tip is looking for future mega projects in the URA Master Plan – the transformation of the region.

Investing in properties into the locations where the government puts billions on infrastructure building into will never be wrong.

To start with….

You should at least own one residential property for own home, two or more for investments. But residential should not be all 100% in your investment portfolio

Over the years, your investment portfolio in Commercial should be bigger than residential


  • Higher annual return
  • Good Capital Gain
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • In time of downturn, you could have
    better holding power
  • Easier management of tenant
  • Others

Payback Period