Some industrial spaces lend themselves more to investment opportunity. Heavy manufacturing sites are very specialized with machinery.

Light assembly industrial space, on the other hand, can be easily converted to office space or another commercial use. Flex warehouse sites are also easily reconfigured, and often provide a mix of warehouse and office space for businesses seeking this combination. These latter two types of industrial space have become increasingly popular as “flex” office space, and can represent a good investment option.

Industrial properties range from smaller sites that are often termed “flex” space or “R&D” properties; to warehouses; to large, heavy manufacturing sites. These spaces are often listed with clear height specifications, or the height from the floor to the lowest-hanging overhead obstruction, which could be 14 feet in a small building to more than 40 feet in a large industrial space. Businesses seeking industrial space also look for dock types and availability. Grade level docks are at street level for drive-in convenience; semi-docks are 24″ for a pickup or delivery truck; and a full-dock is 48 inches for a semi-truck.